We are expert in Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable, Web, HTML 5, Design, BOT, QA, Business Analysis, IoT, iBeacon, Apple TV We are expert in Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable, Web, HTML 5, Design, BOT, QA, Business Analysis, IoT, iBeacon, Apple TV

HTML5 Development

"Delivering high-end html5 development services that are compatible and well-rendered across desktops, tablets and smartphones"

HTML5 is a Gen-Y front-end user interface technology. It, not only brings a new technical specification allowing developers to solve technical problems easily, but also has emerged as a game changer in the approach to website development. HTML5 based approach to website and app designs provide a cost-optimized and competitive advantage to businesses that opt to use it.

It empowers the businesses with quick and easy cross-platform development for a variety of mobile devices. AppInventiv brings with it an extensive experience and expertise in developing native mobile apps across all platforms as well as delivering high-end HTML5 applications that are compatible and well-rendered across desktops, tablets and smartphones.

"AppInventiv has experience and expertise in building HTML5 based apps. Since our inception, we’ve been successfully developing applications and providing exceptional HTML5 services.

Our highly skilled team of experienced HTML5 expert and dexterous developers strives to serve clients better by increasing adeptness through several internal processes and building applications that seamlessly meet our client’s business needs.

120+ Certified and Proficient Developers Delivering Exceptional HTML5 Enabled Solutions. Our team of HTML5 developers through their expertise and industry experience efficiently use various HTML5 specific tools including CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, and XML etc. to build business-centric apps that are feature-packed, user-friendly, scalable, reliable and cost effective. Other few top-notch technologies that our skilled HTML5 software development team excelled are - JAVA, Adobe Tools, Eclipse IDE, SVN, MySQL, AJAX, Apache Server, Joomla, Python, Django, Magento, ColdFusion, WebGL, PHP & PHP frameworks, AngularJS, ExtJS and jQuery. Our experienced and expert team of mobile app developers are proficient in developing feature-packed mobile apps for multiple platforms and technologies including iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearables, Beacons, Augmented Reality and VR/AR etc. Our team is skilled with the latest technologies, tools and techniques that are used in HTML5 development. In short span of time, we have earned amazing experience and expertise in:
  • Graphics including Canvas & SVG
  • Multimedia - Video, Audio
  • Applications including data storage, file access & SQL database
  • Elements & Forms
  • CSS3

Being a leading HTML5 development company, AppInventiv has huge industry experience and development expertise across most of the verticals, which have an application of HTML5. Being backed up by the dexterous team and latest tools and technologies, we are known to deliver client-centric and revenue generating mobile solutions by using our world-class HTML5 development services. We offer the below mentioned HTML5 services:

  • HTML5-Browsers
  • HTML5 Application Development
  • HTML5 web development
  • HTML5 Consulting
  • Data Migration and Maintenance
  • HTML5 UI Design and Prototyping
  • Flash to HTML5 migration
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development
  • HTML5 Plugin Development
  • PSD to HTML5
  • CSS3 website development
  • Responsive Design With HTML5
  • HTML5 Website Development
  • Re-design and improvement
  • Ongoing and constant help and support
  • Web Design with HTML5
  • Silverlight to HTML5 migration

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