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Apple TV App Development

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Apple first unveiled iTV on September 2006 then Apple started shipping it on March 2007 since then Apple has been updating it every year. The original Apple TV was a set-top box that provides users with a simplistic user interface designed primarily for navigating and viewing video content.

In 2008 it brought the major software upgrade which turned fortunes in its favour. With the new update, Apple TV was the first in class device that no longer required a computer running iTunes on Mac OS X or Windows to stream or sync content to it, and making most of the Apple TV's hard disk redundant. In 2010, Apple announced the Fourth generation and it was the first major update since the release of second generation. After the update, we saw the introduction of Apple TV apps which was the first device to do so and in about six months the Apple TV store has expanded like anything with more than 6000 apps and games.

With Apple TV running on tvOS, users can now play games, use productivity and social apps, watch movies, and enjoy shared experiences. All of these new features bring new opportunities for developers.


Apple TV Apps Development

Apple TV is an exciting and a new platform, which is full of opportunities for our app designers. In the past, we have seen Apple develop a new digital economy with the introduction of mobile app store. From entertainment to gaming it has the potential to succeed in this new technology.

With increased software and hardware capabilities the new generation of Apple TV is a computer in itself. With features like multitasking, 4k support and Siri are just a few of the capabilities which is now possible. With the introduction of third party application, it becomes a challenge for the developer to find the right balance between intuitive UI, seamless user experience; This is where our team excels at.

We encourage our clients to come to us with all of their questions and concerns so our talented team can navigate you through them. Together we will bring your vision to life and create an experience that exceeds all your expectations.

Apple TV: Taking Apps to a New Level

Since the onset, we have been exploring and delivering Apple TV apps as the best in the industry, we have dexterous team of developers, who have expertise in building Apps, which have shown the best outcome. As a best in class development company, we have talented bunch of developers who have expertise in building apps since the introduction Apple TV apps.

Here at AppInventiv, we not only focus on the trending Apps but need of the target audience. So we make sure the apps we make are user centric as well as market centric. We make sure the users have seamless experience to the apps which we have developed.

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