We are expert in Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable, Web, HTML 5, Design, BOT, QA, Business Analysis, IoT, iBeacon, Apple TV We are expert in Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Wearable, Web, HTML 5, Design, BOT, QA, Business Analysis, IoT, iBeacon, Apple TV

Business Analysis

"Get impeccable mobile strategy solutions from a team that eat, sleep and breathe mobility"

By leveraging the top-notch methodology and business processes, business analyst team at AppInventiv is working to meet our client’s business requirements.


When it comes to mobility and the development of mobile apps, many roles are crucial in properly implementing the mobility strategy. And, Business Analyst is one of them. They play a significant role in mobile app development process. Our Business analyst team is constantly bridging the gap between interpreting the data that demonstrates the mobile app development needs and utilizing this information to meet customer’s needs, thus benchmarking the new level for the competitors.

As per the requirement, our business analysts work closely with the key stakeholders to find out the vision and persistence of the app, chart out the app requirements and understand the overall scope of the project. And, once they understand the purpose and requirements of an app, they work with the allocated stakeholders to turn their requirements into something viable and transform that information into reality. They work with the development and designing team closely to filter out all the perplexing messages and requirements so that a viable solution can be generated.

Our Business Analysis Team Often Garbs Many Hats

By efficiently measuring the ROI, our BA team does a thorough benefit analysis, assembles real-time data, and evaluates the business processes to effectively determine the benefits of adopting mobile-first approach in an organization. They serve as a middleman between the various divisions including development, designing, testing and accounts and minutely considers every issues regarding the app. While delivering an app, our BA team aims to improve the efficiency of the team and enhances the client experience.

And, that enable us to be ahead of our competitors. Security is always our prominence. That’s why while integrating the app into the organization’s processes, we always ensure that private data is not at risk for a breach. We work with all the project stakeholders including development, designing and testing team to evaluate the app’s user experience and ensure that requirements and analysis models are executed properly throughout the app development process.

Mobile Layer
Wireframes for Timekeeper an app designed and developed by AppInventiv. Click here

We receive various requests for mobile app development from clients across the world. Our strategic analysis team leverages the latest tools, techniques, technologies and methodologies to deliver the business-centric and revenue generating products. We know that success of any mobile app depends highly on precision, planning and finest details. That’s why on receiving a request for a mobile app development, our BA team assembles information, does deep analysis and evaluates the mobile app requirements so that any unseen gaps and potential opportunities may not be missed. Potential gaps are met prior to the development starts. And, that’s why our client’s value us for our integrity.

AppInventiv is not just a mere team of over 120+ dexterous mobility experts, but also brings in an adept developer, award-winning designers, proficient quality assurance specialists and an expert business analyst team, who always work together to deliver business-centric and revenue generating deliverables. And, our proactive approach, business analysis services and responsive communication enable us to deliver products that help our client’s business earn value and revenue, both.

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