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m-Learning App Development

"By leveraging native mobile capabilities, we at AppInventiv delivering business-centric mobile learning solutions to help our client's business earn value and revenue, both"

m-Learning is one of the latest developments in e-Learning, which leverages Smartphones, Tablets and mobile devices for better learning and understanding while accessing the portable platforms; ideal for people while on the go or for taking your training sessions away when you can't access your laptop or computer. By 2014 only, access to the Internet through mobile devices and Smartphones has already overtaken access from desktop and laptops. Already, 60% of all Internet searches were done through a mobile device. The term m-learning has been adopted for accessing e-learning materials on mobile device platforms, including smart phones and tablets on various platforms like Android, iOS and Windows etc. Today Smart phones make up a critical proportion of mobile phones in the worldwide. And, as businesses are growing rapidly outside the office, thus, people are looking for more accessible study options on-the-go.

Is m-Commerce the Future of e-Learning?

As the technology is evolving and moving forward rapidly, m-Learning is becoming one of the key contributing factors to educate and train users. But like all other great advancements, it solely depends on how it can work together with the existing and trending technologies that makes m-learning such a critical tool. Even industry geeks and gurus are predicting that in the near future, few of the trending and advanced functions of Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices will soon become a key source in work based training.

How AppInventiv Can Help You In Developing Your m-Learning solutions?

We at AppInventiv, design and develop best-in-class m-Learning solutions to cater to the requirements of our client's workforce through their Smartphones, tablets and other devices. We know that the entire idea of mobile learning is focused on providing the content while on the go. We have in-depth expertise and industry experience in e-learning application development, which enable us to meet our client's business objectives. Be it quick animations, videos, podcasts, assessments and much more, our proficient m-learning and education app developers has the in-depth experience and expertise to couple creativity and technology to deliver the best possible mobile learning solutions.

AppInventiv has the expertise and experience in best-in-class educational mobile app development in Android, iOS and Windows as well as in Eclipse for Android-compatible devices. We develop in for HTML 5, too. Our m-learning mobile development team combine creative design with the experienced application developers to ensure that the solution that we develop achieve the business objectives and technical requirements.

We are adept in delivering consumer and enterprise-level best educational apps and e-learning solutions for corporates and brands. To find out more about how AppInventiv can help you in your m-learning application development so that you can easily reach your m-Learning mobile audience, contact us today. Or you can also explore our portfolio for a glimpse of few of the apps.

Future of e-Learning?

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