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Restaurant App Development

"AppInventiv can help your restaurant startup and online food ordering system to go mobile"

Nowadays, developing a mobile app for your restaurant and food-chains has become a way of branding a business and reaching out to more targeted customers. Smartphones and Tablets have become an eminent part of our lives. Restaurants management apps have become the latest trend all across the world. Your restaurant app can help you in reaching your potential customers 24 hours a day. And, that's why businesses involved in the restaurant and food business are leveraging this upcoming technology. For them, it is like taking their restaurant business a step ahead. To get their mobile apps developed, they are connecting with the various mobile app development companies. And, AppInventiv being a leading mobile app development company has ventured almost every sector and the restaurants and food-chains are not left behind.

Few of the common examples of the restaurant apps are KFC, McDonald, Dominos, Starbucks and Pizza hut. Today every common restaurants and businesses that all of us like to dine is leveraging this upcoming technology. They have a mobile app for their business and brand through which they reach out to their customers. Even users are also using these apps for placing orders for food on-the-go and get it delivered at their desired location.

Top Features of the Restaurant App

Mobile apps are offering various features including scan of the order that customer does, pay for the order and issue a virtual loyalty card for the customers, which in turn, helps them in collecting rewards. Today Mobile apps have become swifter and self-service tool for restaurants and food businesses. By using mobile apps customers can take more wise decisions of dining and track the customer’s order history, spending and rewards. Now restaurants can more pro-ac connect with their customers and know their satisfaction level through the reviews and ratings. Let's take a look on a few top features of the restaurant apps:

  • Creating menu items
  • Language specific food items can be created
  • Deals and Combo offers module
  • Special package modules
  • Deal of the week/day module
  • Coupons & Discount module
  • Showing opening and closing hours
  • Availability of food items
  • Admin control over the listings of the order
  • Table Reservation Module
  • Easy creation of new orders
  • Maintaining Dine in and take away orders
  • Easy billing and bill generation of the orders
  • Easy management of the orders with customer details

Today mobile apps have become an easy integration channel for restaurants and food chains. They help in current operations, thus, providing an enormous opportunities for food arrays. By having a mobile app for your restaurant business, your business can gain more visibility and traction. In turn, this will help you in earning more value and revenue. So, if you don’t have a restaurant mobile app, then your food or restaurant business is definitely lagging behind the technological innovation and up-gradations, which your competitors are already a part of. So, its better to have a restaurant mobile app, which is crucial and beneficial for your business and a way to increasing your value and revenue. If you are looking for a Restaurant App development company for your restaurant business, then contact us, we will help you out in developing Restaurant App Development solution.

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